Miu Le Shows Her Successful Weight Loss With Before & After Photos

On May 8, singer Miu Le surprised her followers with her dramatic success in weight loss.

Miu Le is the type of person who can easily increase but difficult to lose weight. However, on Friday, the determined singer astonished her followers after she shared two photos of herself before and after successful weight loss on social media.

Photo: FB Miu Le.

In the past, there was a period of time when Miu Le looked chubby even though she did not eat carbohydrate-rich rice. Thereafter, she ate rice and kept herself hardworking on exercising regularly and eating healthily. Finally, she is now having a nice body that every girl would dream to have.

In the post, fans could not help but express their admiration for her determination and asked for her advice to lose weight as well.

More photos of Miu Le with her new body shape below:



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