Mai Phuong Surprised With A Completely Different Image After Nearly One Year Of Lung Cancer Treatment

mai phuong

Mai Phuong strongly defies cancer.

On personal Facebook account, Mai Phuong has attracted great interest when sharing a photo with a completely different style with a feminine and gentle personality. It is known that this is just a photo of a photo for the photo she just made. In addition to wearing fashionable clothes, the actress also let her long hair be gently curled, combining a bold makeup, creating a distinctly different look from the usual style.

Completely new image of Mai Phuong after nearly 1 year of cancer treatment.

Immediately after this image was posted, not only many friends, the audience of Mai Phuong expressed surprise that many Vietnamese artists were also surprised. However, most of the opinions confirmed that this style is very suitable for Mai Phuong and helps her look much better.

MC Oc Thanh Van and Mai Phuong attended a recent event.

Recently, Mai Phuong has frequently participated in entertainment events and healthier after actively treating lung cancer. Before the Lunar New Year in 2019, the actress and her daughter – baby Lavie made a spring photo and said it was okay, always trying every day. Many people expressed their admiration for the strongness of the beautiful people, and hoped that she would soon overcome the serious disease to officially return to art.

mai phuong
With active treatment, hardworking yoga combined, keeping positive spirit helped Mai Phuong become stronger and stronger.

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