Lynk Lee Sings My Tam’s “Nguoi Hay Quen Em Di” And Chi Pu’s “Doa Hoa Hong”

A video of Lynk Lee singing My Tam’s song and Chi Pu’s song has been making its rounds on the internet.

Since the beginning of the new year 2020, Lynk Lee surprised the public with his new appearance after cosmetic surgery. On his Facebook page, he  also changed the gender from male to female, and shared his latest transformation. His followers can also find the video which he cosplayed as My Tam and Chi Pu to sing their songs.


Lynk Lee was previously reported to have participated in a game show at the end of 2018. He was one of the competitors who attracted much attention, and performed two hits, titled “Nguoi Hay Quen Em Di” (My Tam) and “Doa Hoa Hong” (Chi Pu).

Since then, Lynk Lee has been earning constant love from the audiences thanks to his solid vocal and dancing skill.

Check out the video of Lynk Lee that the netizens have been sharing these days:

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