Ly Nha Ky Asks Netizens For Advice To Lose Weight After Social Distancing

On Tuesday, Ly Nha Ky shared a video to show her having a diet meal.

On April 28, Vietnamese artist Ly Nha Ky uploaded a video focusing on her daily meal. However, it is totally different from the usual meals that she had before. She is in her self-diet period after social distancing period ended this week.


As shared in the video, she will be taking part in a game show few days later and she is now worried about her present weight after isolation for weeks. Rice and any food high in carbohydrates are said to be absent in her current menu.

In the video, viewers can see that she was having a diet meal with seafood, noticeably clams, king crabs, with fruit guava.

Photo: FB Ly Nha Ky – Artist.

Even though there were a lot of food right in front of her, the beauty would only eat a little of the king crab and few pieces of guava. She also took the opportunity to ask her viewers to give her advice to lose weight.

In case if you know any effective way to lose weight, don’t forget to share with Ly Nha Ky!

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