Hoang Thuy Sets To Shock The World With “Iced Milk Filter Coffee” Costume At Miss Universe 2019

The one-of-a-kind national costume “Cafe phin sữa đá” (Iced milk filter coffee) will be worn by Hoang Thuy at the upcoming Miss Universe 2019 competition.

Hoang Thuy will represent Vietnam to participate in upcoming international beauty contest Miss Universal 2019. With her beauty as well as experiences, Hoang Thuy is expected to settle for a good position in this worldwide contest. Currently, she has been working on the preparations for the competition.

The national costume “Iced milk filter coffee” officially becomes the national costume following Hoang Thuy at Miss Universe 2019.

For a very long time, iced milk filter coffee is constantly known as one of the specialty drinks in Vietnam, because of its traditional unique way to prepare such coffee that nowhere in the world has. Moreover, the coffee’s taste in Vietnam has its own unique taste that most people will probably find it hard to forget after drinking for the first time.


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