Hoai Lam And Bao Ngoc Divorce After Over Nine Years Together

Yesterday, Bao Ngoc wrote a long letter publicly to Hoai Lam to confirm the end of their relationship.

Photo: FB Cindy Lu. 

Sharp people might have notice that Bao Ngoc had not been sharing any social updates of her and Hoai Lam for a long time until yesterday when she broke the silence with a lengthy letter on her personal Facebook – which unfortunately was to announce that she and Hoai Lam had broken up after over nine years together.

Along with the letter, the young mother Bao Ngoc also uploaded the old photos of her and her ex-husband when they were happy together. She stressed that her primary concern now is on her children while hoping that Hoai Lam will come out of this in a mature way and leads his own happy life.

See below for the photos of Hoai Lam and Bao Ngoc when they were together:


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