H’Hen Niê And Hoang Thuy Are Beautiful “Students” In White Ao Dai

Recently, H’Hen Niê and Hoang Thuy wore white Ao Dai in a meaningful event.

Appearing for the event that awards scholarships to student and for environment protection campaign, H’Hen Niê and Hoang Thuy wore white Ao Dai for the good cause, just like two beautiful youthful students with long black hair.

This is reportedly a program with a series of activities for the benefit of the community. The two public figures were present to give out the awards that include scholarships and learning tools to disadvantaged students.

Even though both were busy with their respective careers, they still managed to find time to participate in this meaningful event.

After Miss Universe 2017 , H’Hen Niê and Hoang Thuy began to receive a lot of attention from the public, with both becoming closer when they have plenty of opportunities to work together.

In related news, back in 2018, the public knew H’Hen Niê better through a touching story that inspired and reached out internationally. In the following year, Hoang Thuy’s journey of beauty and determination continued on as she went on to represent Vietnam in Miss Universe World.

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