Han Sara And Tung Maru Are Dating?

Dong Nhi also expressed her heart “melts” when she saw how they declared their love to each other.

Han Sara And Tung Maru are two talented singers from Dong Nhi and Dong Cao Thang’s company. They have always maintained a good relationship just like brother and sister, and also worked in some music videos together before.

Besides, they are young and their personalities are sort of complemented with each other. Furthermore, they often “flirt” with each other on the internet. So it is no wonder their fans constantly hope they can be a couple in real life.


Until recently, Han Sara and Tung Maru surprised their followers when they did live-streaming to confess that their  relationship is above the normal level of colleagues.

Not only they affirmed their couple status, the two juniors of Dong Nhi and Cao Thang are also willing to give each other intimate gestures to prove their relationship.

When they were asked by the audiences to show that their love story is true, Tung Maru was ready to kiss Han Sara’s cheek and surprised the female singer that she went embarrassed for few seconds.

Up to now, whether the love story of Tung Maru and Han Sara is for real or simply a joke, it is still a big question mark to their followers. Especially some people have the assumption that they are just fulfilling requests for participation in game shows.

Han Sara và Tùng Maru (Uni5) tiết lộ đã thành đôi sau thời gian được “ship” nhiệt tình, sẵn sàng hôn má chứng minh tình cảm - Ảnh 3.

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