For The First Time, Vietnam Actually Buys More Orion’s Choco Pies Than South Korea

choco pie

According to Korea Herald, Vietnam’s love for the chocolate-covered biscuits Orion was demonstrated last year when 600 million Choco Pies were sold to the Southeast Asia country, raking 92 billion won (US$80.9 million).

The latest sales was not only the highest sales that Orion has ever generated in the country, but it also exceeded domestic sales in South Korea, which was only recorded at 83 billion won (US$73 million).

To date, Vietnam is the second country to be able to achieve such an astonishing feat after China.

The delicious chocolate-covered and marshmallow-filled snack cakes were first introduced in South Korea in 1974. After more than 40 years later, the snack is now sold worldwide.

Particularly, Vietnamese started to have their first taste of Choco Pie back in 1995. To date, there are already two Orion factories operating in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. According to Orion, Vietnamese love this Korean snack so much that it is often used for ancestral rites.



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