Evidences Show That Hoang Thuy goes Dating With Rocker Nguyen In Australia?

Recently, the social network is excited over the latest image of male singer Rocker Nguyen.

It seems after more than one year of leaving the showbiz to avoid rumours, the singer is now back once again.


Recently, Hoang Thuy and Rocker Nguyen were found to have checked in at the same place on social media, raising the question if they are indeed dating or not.

It is interesting to note that the online community speculated if the person beside him was a girl. Many netizens thought that she is the runner-up Hoang Thuy because both of them have close relationship.

With the photos posted in Australia, netizens immediately suspected if Hoang Thuy and Rocker Nguyen are secretly dating with each other.

Furthermore, both also aroused curiosity from the online community about their relationship when Hoang Thuy suddenly appeared in the birthday party photo of the singer’s family. Particularly in the entire entertainment circle, only Hoang Thuy was invited to join the birthday party of Rocker Nguyen’s family.

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