COVID-19: Vietnamese Celebrities Promote “Stay Home” Message To The Public

For nearly three months now, the world including Vietnam have been facing one of the greatest threats to humanity – COVID-19. To mitigate the contagion of this deadly virus, many Vietnamese artists want to bring the “Stay Home” in one accord to everyone.

My Tam sent the message “stay home” to everyone on her Facebook page yesterday.

At present, COVID-19 is causing destructive economic and social impacts to the world, while the number of patients who died from the virus infection continues to surge daily.

In consideration of the virus threat, apart from the government’s initiatives and measures to control the local outbreak, many Vietnamese artists have also come together to remind the public to stay at home and to be safe as a bid to manage the number of infected COVID-19 patients.

Toc Tien, Ngoc Trinh, Trong Hieu posted with their personal hand-written messages to remind people to stay at home.

Recently, Vietnamese artists such as Thuy Tien, Trong Hieu, Dong Nhi, My Tam and others joined the public campaign to remind everyone that they should stay home amidst the uncertainty of the local COVID-19 situation.

Moreover, AMEE’s latest “Stay Home” version of her song “Sao Anh Ve Nha” specifically contains meaningful lyrics that also reminds everyone to stay at home and be safe.

Dong Nhi and Amee also spread out the message “stay home” by their own ways.
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