Chi Pu Announces Her Return In May 2020

Chi Pu will be returning with her “Greatest Show” this month.

With the situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam being well-managed by the authorities at this point, Vietnamese people are back to work as usual. For the entertainment world, Vietnamese artists are also each beginning to plan for their respective returns after the “longest” Tet holiday in the history.

Photo: FB Chi Pu. 

Chi Pu is one of the V-celebrities who has been anticipated for her comeback this month. As she shared on her Facebook page on May 16, she will reveal the first episode of Chi Pu’s “Greatest Show” at 8 P.M. However, due to unexpected situation, it would be moved to May 17.

Don’t forget to check out the episode 1 of Chi Pu’s “Greatest Show” tomorrow on her YouTube channel.

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