Ba Tan Surprises Everybody With A Giant Mooncake

On her personal YouTube page, Ba Tan (Ms.Tan) taught viewers how to make a giant mooncake.

To make a giant moon cake, Ms. Tan’s vlog shows a preparation of a lot of ingredients.

Ba Tan is a famous vlogger in Vietnam. She is well-known as a famous cook who prepares food or drinks in extra big sizes. Many people like watching her videos because of her simple yet humorous shows.

On September 13, she brought a giant mooncake to treat all the passengers on board Jetstar Pacific to indulge. Specifically, on the Jetstar flight at the Mid-Autumn festival, the lucky passengers not only received gifts for the occasion, but also got a chance to meet this popular figure who is behind Ms. Tan Vlog.

Ba Tan also brought a giant moon cake for a special treat to all the passengers on the flight. The mooncake measured nearly 1.2m tall and 60kg heavy.

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