A Mother Originally From Vietnam And 7 Year-Old Daughter Thrown Out Of The House With Only S$85 And This Is How Singapore Treats Them

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On January 27, the Member of Parliament for Punggol West SMC Sun Xueling shared on her Facebook the plight of a mother and her daughter, 7, who were chased out of the house by husband at night in late December last year. A month after the mother sought for help, Ms Sun said a rental flat has been allocated to the mother, referred to as Madam N.

With $85 left, the mother still had to leave her part-time jobs in security at a quarantine facility in order to care for her daughter. She had since been staying in a crisis shelter in Serangoon with her daughter as she has no relatives in Singapore as she is originally from Vietnam.

The empty room picture from MP Sun shared one her Facebook

In response to the hardships faced by Madam N, Ms Sun took it to Facebook and posted a photo of a miserably empty room and appealed the public to donate a list of basic electrical appliances and furniture as the mother has no money to afford them.

In merely 10 minutes, the public responded generously and the mother got everything that was needed. Despite so, Singaporeans and Vietnamese who live in the country continue to pour their generosity to offer gifts of various kinds including cash donations.

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