Vu Cat Tuong Writes, Sings “Tomorrow” In English Version & Vietnamese Version To Combat COVID-19

In the afternoon of April 6, singer Vu Cat Tuong revealed the bilingual single song “Tomorrow” and built a supporting fund for community.

Vu Cat Tuong is not only talented as a singer but also a noteworthy composer. On April 6, she officially revealed her latest single, titled “Tomorrow” in the Vietnamese version, which is composed by herself. As she shared before, this is a music product, which she has cooperated with Benjamin James and Minh for community purpose.

Photo: FB Vu Cat Tuong.

Albeit there is no mention of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the listeners could strongly feel what Vu Cat Tuong wants to say about.

“Tomorrow” contains inspiring and meaningful lyrics, which reminds everyone to believe in the better life, and to remain optimistic against the fatal invisible enemy.

Moreover, on April 8, Vu Cat Tuong continued to unleash the English version of “Tomorrow”, which would cross the language boundary to send the meaningful message to non-Vietnamese foreigners worldwide.

Take a listen to “Tomorrow” in English below:

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