Vietnamese Actress Midu Makes Her Debut As A Singer

On December 30, Midu formally made her singer debut with “Anh Nghi Anh La Ai”.

Midu is well-known to be a talented actress in the entertainment industry. As a further expansion of her career, she officially went into the V-pop industry as singer on Monday.

Notably, Midu released her debut track, titled “Anh Nghi Anh La Ai” (translated “Who Do You Think You Are”), with the music video.

“Anh Nghi Anh La Ai” tells the viewers about an old love story of Midu herself. In the video, the man is Midu’s fiance, who has an extramarital relationship with another girl.

After Midu comes to know about it, she stopped her relationship with her boyfriend. Even though she is sad, she still recovers strongly on her own.

The melody of the song is soft and gentle like the way how Midu thinks about her own love story. With soothing vocal, the singer catches attention easily from the audiences with the new song.

Following real-time YouTube statistics, Midu’s debut music video successfully exceeded over 1,400,000 views after 12 hours of upload.

Photo: FB Midu.

Watch Midu’s debut music video below:

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