Truc Nhan, Chi Pu And Chau Bui Boost Fighting Spirit Against Covid-19 Through “Sang Mat Chua Co Vy”

“Sang Mat Chua Co Vy” has hit the ground and resonates well with the listeners.

Vietnam is in a “virus war” today and she is not alone. Along with the world, COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading wildly, causing health issues and fatalities.

As a bid to root people together to continue on the good fight against the deadly coronavirus, three popular Vietnamese artists Truc Nhan, Chi Pu and Chau Bui collaborated together musically for a meaningful song titled “Sang Mat Chua Co Vy”.

“Sang Mat Chua Co Vy” is a song written and based on Truc Nhan’s hit “Sang Mat Chua” in 2019.

At present, while Vietnam is working hard as one nation to curb the spread of COVID-19, “Sang Mat Chua Co Vy” is released at the right time; to remind people to be optimistic despite the uncertainties ahead, while keeping themselves healthy and safe from the dangerous virus, with the ultimate desire to triumph the fight soon.

Watch the music video and join us together in the fight against COVID-19!

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