Toc Tien Reveals Lovely Dance Video Clip For “Ngay Tan The”

On February 27, notable Vietnamese singer Toc Tien excited her fans when she released a short video clip for “Ngay Tan The”.

“Ngay Tan The” is the latest music track of beautiful singer Toc Tien which was released on February 21. It marked her comeback after previous successes, to add, the latest track is also the first music video in 2020 from Toc Tien.

On Thursday, Toc Tien went further with a special treat for her beloved fans as she unleashed a dance video clip of “Ngay Tan The” (translated “Doomsday”).

Original and official music video of “Ngay Tan The”:

With 45 seconds, Toc Tien definitely expressed her professional dancing skills that would surely wow viewers. Particularly, she also effectively made use of non-verbal body languages to craftily express every word of lyric, sending out positive vibe in motion for the viewers.

Thus it is no wonder when the viewers watch the video, they just want to stand up on their feet and groove to the music.

In addition, Toc Tien is also giving away two prizes; 5 million VND (US$215) and 10 million VND (US$430) for the most creative “Ngay Tan The” dance cover to her fans with hashtag #ngaytanthedancecover.  will give 2 valuable gifts: 5 millions and 10 millions Vietnamese dong for the most lovely and creative “Ngay Tan The” cover from everyone with hashtag #ngaytanthedancecover.

Check out “Ngay Tan The” dance version below:

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