Suni Ha Linh Becomes Erik’s Bride In “An Sang Nha”

Erik and Suni Ha Linh are a lovely couple in the music video “An Sang Nha”.

On Wednesday, Erik and Suni Ha Linh made fans go crazy with “An Sang Nha” (translated as “Let’s Have Breakfast”).

Notably, this is the first time that Erik and Suni Ha Linh appeared in the same music video. Moreover, the viewers were also glad that they finally got to see Erik in a happy love story in a music video rather than the previous sad ones.

After approximately seven hours of upload, “An Sang Nha” had already garnered more than one million YouTube views.

Photo: FB Erik. 

The ambiance of the music video “An Sang Nha” is lovely, accompanied with sweet and happy melodies. The story follows Erik and Suni Ha Linh as newly weds. They try to keep promise with Suni Ha Linh’s dad that Erik mustn’t let his wife to be sad or to cry, particularly they must have breakfast together even though they are busy.

Many funny situations arise for the married couple when they have to arrange their time and hobby to eat breakfast together. At the end of the song, they have finally found the best way to have breakfast.

What is it?

Check out the music video “An Sang Nha” below:

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