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It’s Time For A Hot Sizzling Summer Party With Son Tung MTP’s Latest MV “Give It To Me” Featuring Snoop Dogg!

son tung mtp

Son Tung Officially released MV “Give It To Me”, an international music single featuring Snoop Dogg and Madison Beer.

Right at 8pm VNT on July 1, Son Tung M-TP officially released “Give It To Me” music video on YouTube. This is an international music product, marking the first time in V-pop history for a singer to invite two big names from America and Europe, Snoop Dogg and Madison Beer respectively, to participate in this ambitious cross-cultural project.

Son Tung MTP shows close friendship with Snoop Dogg.

In this comeback, Son Tung MTP continued to work with Producer Onionn, who had earlier produced the two versions of the last hit, titled “Run Now”.

“Give It to You” was written by Son Tung MTP showing his prowess in song writing, while Onionn remixed with Latin music influence that’s mixed with hip-hop genre.

The scenes In the music video “Give It To Me” were filmed in Los Angeles, USA.

In “Give It To Me” MV, the world rap music legend Snoop Dogg showed off his powerful English raps. He appeared calm and composed, creating the just-right chemistry with Son Tung MTP across various outdoor scenes.

“Give It To Me” was written by Son Tung MTP. The lyrics center around a stylish rich kid who is looking for a true love. The singer plays the role of a rich man, living in a lavish mansion, but always bored. He wants to find his true love to live a life which is more meaningful. And that is the moment when he falls in love with Madison Beer, the beautiful girl that makes the rich kid crazy about and tries to woo her.

Wait no more, let’s dive in now to watch one of Son Tung MTP’s best music product to date:


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