Son Tung MTP’s “Give It To Me” Hits 50 Million YouTube Views on His Birthday

Adding on to the latest achievement from Son Tung MTP’s “Give It To Me”.

At 4.30pm on July 5, Son Tung MTP’s MV “Give IT To Me” has successfully reached 50 million YouTube views, becoming the first V-pop video that could ever reach this astonishing feat in the shortest time ever.

Besides, the MV also receives 2.2 million likes, reinforcing the achievement of a V-pop MV having the most likes in Vietnamese music history. It is definitely the best gift that Son Tung MTP has deserved for his 25th birthday.

Không có mô tả ảnh.

July 5 was surely a day full of happiness for Son Tung MTP.

The singer’s latest MV continued to dominate the top 1 trending video on YouTube Vietnam for four continuous days, with no sign of cooling down. Furthermore, the MV  also topped number 1 in the list of major Vietnamese music sites, including number 1 trending on YouTube Korea, number 1 trending on YouTube Australia, number 1 on iTunes Vietnam, number 1 on Apples Music Vietnam, and number 1 on Spotify Vietnam.

The summer comeback of Son Tung MTP has been the most successful one so far, and further exploded beyond the imagination of the audience.

The comeback track has not only been sweeping charts in Vietnam, it has also reached overseas charts, reaching to the top of the list. As many as 10 countries and territories, including big and prestigious newspapers in Brazil, South Korea and the United States have all reported about Son Tung MTP’s comeback.

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