Son Tung M-TP Showcases His Soothing Vocal On A Rainy Day

On December 2, V-pop singer Son Tung M-TP warmed hearts on a rainy night when covering a short part of the song “Tinh Em La Dai Duong”.

On December 2, Son Tung posted a short video clip on his Facebook page, where he did a song cover of “Tinh Em La Dai Duong” (translated “Your Love Is An Ocean”), with the caption “Singing in the rain !!!”

“Tinh Em La Dai Duong” is a popular song, known to be sung by Duy Manh. In the video, Son Tung M-TP was seen wearing a red vest. Specifically, he was not only singing, but also playing the piano.

After the video was uploaded, his followers could not help but rave over it with plenty of likes and compliments.

Enjoy the video below:


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