Son Tung M-TP Teases His July 5 Comeback With A Video Of Him Playing Piano And Singing

Son Tung M-TP teases further for his impending music return which is scheduled on July 5.

In the evening of July 3, Son Tung M-TP revealed the melody and lyrics of his upcoming new track “Co Chac Yeu La Day” through a video uploaded on his Facebook page.

Photo via M-TP. 

In the video, Son Tung was seen with a pink T-shirt, playing the piano while singing a short paragraph of “Co Chac Yeu La Day”.

As listened, “Co Chac Yeu La Day” contains bright and sweet lyrics, and goes on to express the feeling of a young man when he falls in love with a girl.

Take a sneak peek of what to expect for “Co Chac Yeu La Day” below:

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