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This Fan Translates Son Tung M-TP’s “Give It To Me” To English Beautifully And It Is None Other Than Hana’s Lexis

son tung m-tp

A vlogger, who is also Son Tung M-TP’s fan, thought that the official English translation of “Give It To Me” does not fully express the meaning of the Vietnamese lyrics. So Hana’s Lexis went on to translate the Vietnamese lyrics with her own rich vocabulary and received a lot of positive responses from the online community.

If you have been watching some English YouTube channels, you will know the name Hana’s Lexis. This girl is a Vietnamese vlogger who owns her YouTube channel specializing in learning English, with over 200,000 subscribers and nearly 60,000 likes on her Facebook fan page.

At the beginning of a recent video that she posted, the famed female YouTuber, as usual, impressed viewers by the the way on how she expressed herself naturally: “Hello friends! Welcome back to Hanna’s Lexis channel. This is the channel which helps you go from good in English to being excellent in English thanks to the advice of a student who used to study English in a high school for the gifted, who is living and working in America now, it is me!”

With her knowledge, Hana also set up a series of “translation” lyrics of many famous Vietnamese songs on her YouTube channel and has been receiving much attention. At this time, she also made an internet storm with her translation of the current hit song “Give It To Me” by V-pop artist Son Tung M-TP.  She affirmed that the official translation of the MV is quite sporadic, so it is impossible to enable foreigners understand the meaning.

To translate the Vietnamese lyrics to English lyrics, Hana’s translation focuses on expressing the meaning of the whole sentence rather than translating each word in a mechanical way. At the same time, she also pointed out some grammatical errors and how to use certain words when translating from Vietnamese into English.

Recently, the vlogger also shared on her fanpage a image that Son Tung M-TP had watched the video translation. She felt so excited as she is also a fan girl of the singer.

The song lyrics, translated by Hana’s Lexis, is responded enthusiastically by the majority of audiences and got shared in the English learners’ community.

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