S.T Son Thach And Binh An Crush The Same Girl In “Sai Nang” Music Video

S.T Son Thach is rising a new wave of excitement with his music comeback since yesterday.

On November 3, S.T Son Thach released his latest music video, titled “Sai Nang” (translated “Crush”). He officially takes part in V-pop music race with other big names this November before the year ends. This time, S.T Son Thach invited handsome actor Binh An, who is also known to be his close friend, to be featured as a character in the music video.

The plot of the music video is obviously creating interest among fans. In the video, Son Thach and Binh An have a crush over the same pretty girl who is a neighbor.

Son Thach and Binh An are always fighting to win the girl’s heart with mischievous actions. However, later both of them realize that the girl loves another girl. In the end, they drink together to forget the sadness.

S.T Son Thach hasn’t disappointed fans with his vocal in the latest music release. Moreover, the melody is easy to be addicted to.

Watch S.T Son Thach’s newest music video below:

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