Phuong Ly x Binz Are No Longer Just “So Close” But Already On Top Trending YouTube

The first collaboration between Phuong Ly and Binz has just reached top one trending on YouTube Vietnam after four days of release.

After four days, Phuong Ly and Binz’s latest music video of comeback track “So Close” just reached to a new height on YouTube. Fans of both artists could not contain their excitement when they realized that their idols’ collaboration succeeded to trend on the top position of YouTube.

As known, “So Close” is the first music video that Phuong Ly and Binz collaborated together. With the bouncy beats, and eventful music, the music video is more than just pleasant to listen. The video certainly brings viewers from surprise to other surprises.

With close to five million views, over 120,000 likes and 6,000 comments, let’s check it out together below to understand why people simply love it so much.

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