Phuc Du Stirs Attention With Music Video Teaser For “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” Featuring Bich Phuong

Phuc Du is getting ready for his music comeback with “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi”.

On June 15, Phuc Du revealed a music video teaser for “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” which would feature Bich Phuong. The latter also shared that “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi”  will be released on June 18 via Phuc Du’s Facebook page.

The teaser lasts 16 seconds, which is already long enough for the fans to see Bich Phuong’s appearance along with the song melody.  Though the lead actor in the music video story is still a secret.

The commentators are already predicting that this new song will become a hit based on the addictive beats.

To find out whether it is true or not, start counting down to 8pm on June 18 for the official release of the song!

Photo: FB Phuc Du.

View the teaser of “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” below:

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