Official English Version Of “Ghen Co Vy” Finally Released!

Worldwide viral Vietnamese music video “Ghen Co Vy” English version is out now!

When the COVID-19 situation became more complex in the beginning of February, Vietnamese version of “Ghen Co Vy” was released in collaboration with the National Institute Of Occupational and Environmental Health in Vietnam.

Composed by Khac Hung, the track is based on the melody of V-pop hit “Ghen”, performed by local singers Erik and Min.

After taking deliberate time for preparation, the project “#EndCoV” has finally released the English version of “Ghen Co Vy” on April 9, which is also sung by the same singers Erik and Min.

Notably, viewers would notice that the latest version was released with sign language provided – which hints at the thoughtful engagement to send out the message to the deaf.

With this English version, people around the world can finally understand the lyrics, and above all, to receive the meaningful message of keeping one safe amidst the current uncertainty and to end the war together.

Enjoy “Ghen Co Vy” in its official and original English version below:

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