Nguyen Ha Returns With New Music “Sau Nay Hay Gap Lai Nhau Khi Hoa No”

Nguyen Ha’s latest music video received rousing welcome from her fans.

After over a month of uploaded the music video “Cho Ngay Loi Hua No Hoa” (translated as “Waiting For The Promise Blooms”), the young Vietnamese singer is not stopping there just yet as she has continued to surprise her fans with her latest music video “Sau Nay Hay Gap Lai Nhau Khi Hoa No” (translated as “Let’s Meet When The Flowers Bloom”).

For the music video, the main actor and actress are noted to be Tran Nghia, played as “Ngan”, and Thao Tam, played as “Hong”, in recent Vietnamese blockbuster “Mat Biec” (“Dream Eyes”).

In the film “Dream Eyes”, both could not have a happy ending, so it is indeed gladdening to know that in this music video, they are a pair of lovers with many sweet and lovely scenes, just the two of them.

“Sau Nay Hay Gap Lai Nhau Khi Hoa No” draws a romantic love story, featuring many scenes of beautiful landscapes in Dalat City, and with Nguyen Ha’s sweet vocal, the music video has been being highly complimented by its viewers.

Enjoy “Sau Nay Hay Gap Lai Nhau Khi Hoa No” below:

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