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Nguyen Ha Releases “Da Bao Lau”, To Encourage People In The Midst Of The Pandemic

On the Mid-Autumn day, Vietnamese singer Nguyen Ha gifted her newest music as a present to everyone.

On September 21, popular singer Nguyen Ha released her latest music track “Da Bao Lau” along with its video on YouTube. The said song was written by composer Dong Phong. With simplistic lyrics, the track contains a special meaning which is too really encourage people to become more positive towards the current raging Covid-19 pandemic.

Notably, the song was recorded 100% with mobile phone. From the video, viewers can see snippets of doctors, nurses, students who volunteer in the fight with Covid-19 including her parents and her sister, who are currently working in 199 hospital in Da Nang City. 

Some images in the music video “Da Bao Lau”.

Through the smooth and lyrical vocal, Nguyen Ha has brought an energetic song to everyone as she shared:

“Mỗi lời hát đều chứa đựng những câu từ giản dị, đong đầy hình ảnh yêu thương gia đình cũng như những nỗi nhớ, niềm tin tích cực rằng vượt qua khó khăn sẽ có thể trở về bên nhau, biến khó khăn thành cơ hội, dịch bệnh cũng chính là lúc chúng ta được ngồi lại, nhìn ra hạnh phúc đến từ những điều tưởng chừng như rất đơn giản.”

“Each song lyric contains simple words, filled with images of loving families as well as nostalgia, with a positive belief that as we overcome difficulties, we will be able to return to each other, turning challenges into opportunities, the epidemic is also the time when we can sit down and see the happiness that comes from seemingly simple things.”

Watch “Da Bao Lau” below:

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