Ngoc Trinh And Quang Su To Appear In Chi Pu’s New Music Video “Cung Dan Vo Doi”

Chi Pu recently released an official teaser for “Cung Dan Vo Doi”.

Chi Pu astonished her fans after releasing the official music teaser for her comeback slated on June 3. The new teaser looks remarkably different from the first one which she released some days ago.

Along with the latest teaser, the title of her new song was also revealed, which is called “Cung Dan Vo Doi”.

Notably, fans can note that in the music video, beautiful model Ngoc Trinh and charming actor Quang Su will appear in Chi Pu’s upcoming music video “Cung Dan Vo Doi”.

Among the three celebrities, the fans are certainly curious about the type of relationship that will play out in the music video storyline.

Start counting down to the release of “Cung Dan Vo Doi” on June 3;


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