Ngo Kien Huy Unveils Sorrowful Music “Chang The Giu Lay Chang Danh Buong Tay” That Leaves Listeners In A Relationship Dilemma

Local male singer Ngo Kien Huy returns with new music.

On September 27, local well-loved singer Ngo Kien Huy unleashed his newest song “Chang The Giu Lay Chang Danh Buong Tay”. Notably, he had chosen the same comeback date as Duc Phuc in the competitive music race in the same month.

Particularly, the viewers of the song music video noted that Hy An and Dinh Khang appeared and played as the leading actors.

Dong Nhi, Huynh Lap and Kha Nhu also made brief appearances that have surely enticed the video content along with the sorrowful music that the listeners can feel along with.

“Chang The Giu Lay Chang Danh Buong Tay” translates the feelings of hurt and sadness, drawing emotional dilemma when one has to choose whether to “stay” or “leave” in a triangle love relationship.

Expressing the emotion of not wanting to end things with his lover but yet he could not keep that love, how depth of the sadness can he feel?

Find out here by listening to Ngo Kien Huy’s latest song “Chang The Giu Lay Chang Danh Buong Tay” below:

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