Min Becomes The First Vietnamese Female Singer With 3 Music Videos Over 100 Million YouTube Views

After the music video “Bai Nay Chill Phet” of Min and Den reaches 100 millions views, it succeeds to break another new record for the V-pop singer’s music career.

Photo: FB MIN.

In the evening of April 10, Min could not contain her happiness when her music video “Bai Nay Chill Phet” she collaborated with Den achieved 100 millions views.

It also means that Min becomes the first ever Vietnamese singer to have three music videos that are over 100 millions views on YouTube, namely “Bai Nay Chill Phet” (Min & Den), “Dung yeu Nua, Em Met Roi” (Min), “Ghen” (Min & Erik).

The artist’s latest achievement has also reaffirmed her local popularity, which also includes Den as well.

Check out Min’s record-breaking videos below:

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