Le Bao Binh Returns With Low Profile Comeback Of “Thich Thi Den” That Effortlessly Sees It Trending #1 On YouTube Vietnam

After a mere hours, new music video “Thich Thi Den” of Le Bao Binh successfully achieved #1 trending on YouTube Vietnam.

Le Bao Binh is a popular Vietnamese male singer with emotional voice, and he is also the one who just released a music video that is trending on top of YouTube Vietnam now – despite the low profile comeback.

“Thich Thi Den” is a ballad song surrounding a dramatic love story. The expressive vocal of handsome singer Le Bao Binh, the natural sceneries, and the engaging plot are what makes the music video successful by its own right.

Naturally, “Thich Thi Den” has overtaken all others to attain top 1 in both YouTube Vietnam and Zing Chart in just a matter of hours.

Photo: Fb Le Bao Binh.

Enjoy “Thich Thi Den” below:

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