Kha Ngan Debuts As A Singer With “Co Gai Viet Nam” On New Year Day

Kha Ngan has made an impressive debut, both musical and visual, with “Co Gai Viet Nam”.

Kha Ngan is known as a Vietnamese actress and model, who impresses audiences with beautiful appearance and natural reflexes.

Vietnamese people would instantly recognize her as the lead actress who starred in the Vietnamese remake version of hit K-drama “Descendant Of The Sun”. In the drama,  Kha Ngan is the kind and beautiful doctor, taking the successful role of Korean actress Song Hye Kyo in the original Korean series.

2020 is indeed a great start of the brand new year for Kha Ngan as she successfully debuted as a singer and released her own music video, titled “Co Gai Viet Nam” (translated “Vietnamese girl”).

With the central concept about love, it is more than something else. It is about the love of a Vietnamese girl towards her family and country.

Kha Ngan has been raving lots of positive comments for her sweet voice and the meaningful lyrics that the song carries. The viewers are also able to enjoy the scenic places in the mountainous area of Vietnam.

Photo: FB Kha Ngan Shushi.

Check out Kha Ngan’s debut below:

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