K-ICM Returns With A Sad Love Song “Tinh La Gi Day Em Oi” But It Turns Out That He Is Not The Singer

On January 15, popular singer K-ICM revealed a new track “Tinh La Gi Day Em Oi”.

Well-loved singer K-ICM excited fans after he revealed a new track, titled “Tinh La Gi Day Em Oi” (“What is love baby”). However, his fans were caught surprised when they learned that the singer of this song is obviously not K-ICM – yet the latter has made his appearance as the main actor in the music video.

Even though K-ICM’s fans are curious about the singer’s behind the new song, they still show their warm support to their favorite idol K-ICM as the melody is not only addictive but also the lyrics touch hearts of the listeners.

Photo Via Nguyen Bao Khanh (K-icm).

Check out the mysterious new song below:

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