Juun Dang Dung Reveals “Mot Nua Yeu Thuong” Music Video, Recorded By Mobile Phone

Almost no one would want to shoot a music video by smart phone, except Vietnamese singer Juun Dang Dung.

Juun Dang Dung is a young Vietnamese male singer who has a number of soothing ballad songs under his belt. Those were known to be well-received by the local fans, such as “Khong Con Binh Yen”, “Minh Xa Minh Yeu”, “So Rang Em Biet Anh Con Yeu Em” and so on.

On March 23, Juun Dang Dung released his newest song with its music video, titled as “Mot Nua Yeu Thuong” (loosely translated as “A Half Of Love”), which sings about a sad love story of two young people.

Photo: FB Juun Dang Dung.

Wanting to be different from other Vietnamese artists, Juun Dang Dung videoed “Mot Nua Yeu Thuong” through the smartphone iPhone 11 pro. Even though when he used the phone to record the music video, the quality is commendable.

In addition, the warm vocal of the male singer in the song also touches the listeners’ hearts.

Check out “Mot Nua Yeu Thuong” below:

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