Jack’s “LayLaLay” Breaks Records On YouTube

The latest comeback track of talented singer Jack has just reached top 1 Trending YouTube After 6 hours of upload.

Photo via Facebook Jack – J97.

Singer Jack’s comeback track “LayLaLay” has achieved a new milestone after taking over the Trending YouTube Vietnam position in about 6 hours after he released the song.

Comparing his previous songs, the time taken to reach top 1 Trending YouTube Vietnam varies, namely “Hoa Hai Duong” (16 hours), “La Mot Thang Con Trai” (9 hours) and “Dom Dom” (39 hours ). With “LayLaLay” taking only about 6 hours, this accomplishment is indeed something that he can be proud of.

Moreover, “LayLaLay” also ranked at the first position on iTune after 1 hour of release and also topped the Hot 14 Real Time chart after 2 hour 52 minutes among all other achievements.

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