Jack Makes His Music Return With Catchy Track “La Mot Thang Con Trai”

On March 10, Jack came back to the local music scene after hiatus.

On Tuesday, Jack released his latest track “La Mot Thang Con Trai” (loosely translated “A Boy”) together with its music video.

The song is noted to be composed by Jack. With its catchy melody, it took no time to take the attention from his followers. Indeed some hours later, it reached #1 on trending YouTube Vietnam.

With the latest song “La Mot Thang Con Trai”, Jack took on a totally different appearance than before. In addition, the popular male singer also showcased his dancing skills.

With addictive tune and slick choreography, there is no reason to miss listening and watching “La Mot Thang Con Trai”!

Check out Jack’s latest music video below:



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