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Isaac, Trinh Thang Binh, Erik, Duc Phuc & Lou Hoang “Cry” In New Comeback Video Teaser Of Suni Ha Linh

In the evening of July 23, Suni Ha Linh just released the teaser “Khong Sao Ma Em Day Roi” (Translation: “It’s Okay, I’m Here”). It is also an announcement that Suni Ha Linh is ready for the V-pop race this summer.

The teaser “It’s Okay, I’m Here” from Suni Ha Linh was revealed as it also marks her return to the music scene after nearly 1 year from the last release, “Like It”.

The teaser video begins with a scene of five boys sitting sadly and crying in the sports field. But Suni Ha Linh walks leisurely to sit among the 5 guys with a confident and calm expression, just like an angel, who arrives timely to solve their problems.


In the video, each boy wears a name tag to represent popular local singers like Isaac, Trinh Thang Binh, Erik, Duc Phuc and Lou Hoang.

Fans who saw the video are surely getting curious for “It’s Okay, I’m Here “, as well as wondering what role these male singers would play.

With the title “It’s Okay, I’m Here”, the message of the song is like comforting words of the girl who wants to send it to the other person, encouraging them when they have a problem or feel sad.

At the end of the video, Suni Ha Linh shows her left palm facing the camera with the number “2507” written in red, hinting that she may be releasing the official MV on July 25.

Are you looking forward to Suni Ha Linh’s comeback?

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