Within A Day, Duc Phuc’s New Music Video Marks More Than 4 Million Views And Has Reached Top 2nd Trending

With “Can Love”, this is the best achievement within 24 hours of release for Duc Phuc.

Within 24 hours, Duc Phuc’s “Can Love” MV has over 4 million views on YouTube, over 245,000 likes and is currently at #2 trending.

This has become an amazing record-breaking music video that holds the best 24-hour performance of V-pop male singers as of writing, promising to continue its number of views in the coming days.

With such impressive achievements in the first 24 hours, this latest music video has not yet reached the top one trending position in Vietnam. Even if it is a cute and funny music video.

The opposition between Duc Phuc and Yang Soo Bin made the audiences imagine two cartoon characters, Nobita and Chaiko, to make the “Love” in the MV becoming a love story under the “spring garden”.

Being loved by many young people both in terms of music and images. Vietnamese fans even enthusiastically paired up Duc Phuc and Yang Soo Bin because of their lovely interactions being seen together despite the language barrier.

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