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Huong Giang’s Newest Music Video “Anh Ta Bo Em Roi” Performs Exceptionally Well

Huong Giang Idol officially revealed her latest music video, titled “Anh Ta Bo Em Roi”.

In the end, fans finally understood what it meant for the title of Huong Giang’s latest music comeback – “ATBER”, which apparently means “Anh Ta Bo Em Roi”.

Huong Giang did not let her fans wait long as she just uploaded her music video onto YouTube yesterday.

“Anh Ta Bo Em Roi” (translated “He Left Me Already”) is in fact the next episode (part 3) of the series of music videos “Anh Dang O Dau Day Anh” (translated “Where are you now”).

Huong Giang’s music videos “Anh Dang O Dau Day Anh” is interestingly a series of music videos that particularly emphasize on good content. Besides the melody and the lyrics, the video also features an interesting plot as the female singer brings public from this unexpected scene to another unforeseen scene.

Local fans particularly showed support to Huong Giang’s music video to have it going within top 2 trending YouTube Vietnam less than a day.

In the newest music video, Huong Giang revealed a part of the content in the series “anh Dang O Dau Day Anh”: Phillip is Huong Giang’s old friend in high school who crushes Huong Giang a long time, but he had to study in oversea when he was a student, Huong Giang’s boyfriend knew the truth after he had seen the secret in USB already. After everything, Huong Giang’s boyfriend had said sorry, however, Huong Giang chose Phillip. Especially, Han is so wicked, she always follows Huong Giang and approaches Phillip, What will happen next? the answer will be revealed in the next part of “Anh Dang O Dau Day Anh”.

Let’s enjoy “Anh Ta Bo Em Roi” below:

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