Huong Giang’s Latest Music Video “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay” Reaches #1 YouTube After Few Hours Release

The last part of music series #ADODDA totally caught viewers by surprise with the content of the music video.

Huong Giang did not let her fans wait for long after the release of teaser “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay” (translated “Give You For Her”).

On February 6, Huong Giang officially unleashed the official music video “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay”. Particularly, the content of the music video, also the last part of music series #ADODDA, absolutely astounded fans.

In contrast with the previous parts, Huong Giang is being harmed by Han, as she knows how to bring the truth to the light, bringing viewers from surprise to surprises. It is no wonder that after a few hours of the music video upload, “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay” reached on top of trending YouTube Vietnam.

Check out Huong Giang’s newest music video below:

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