Huong Giang Idol Reveals Comeback Teaser For #ATBER

Huong Giang idol just revealed video teaser for upcoming music video, titled “#ATBER”.

On October 29, Huong Giang uploaded the teaser for her music video “#ATBER”. The video is reportedly to be a sequel of the previous music video “Anh Dang O Dau Day Anh” (translated “Where are you now?”).

Her followers are showing interest in what the title actually means as “#ATBER”, with many guessing.

“#ATBER” lasts 57 seconds with dramatic scenes. Huong Giang is sad at lakeside after stopping her car. Han’s face appears scary when she holds a pair of scissors with her hand, with blood on the photo. A Thai man appears next, with viewers speculating if he has any relationship with Huong Giang or not.

With many questions raised after watching the teaser, the viewers surely can’t wait for the official music video “#ATBER” to be released.

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