Huong Giang Idol Makes Fans Curious With New Teaser “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay”

Huong Giang amused her fans with the latest teaser for new music video “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay”.

On February 3, Huong Giang revealed her upcoming music video, which belongs to the series #ADODDA, titled “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay” (translated “Give You For Her”).

As known, the series #ADODDA had been receiving a lot of love from the public. Particularly, Huong Giang shared this music video will be the last part of the series #ADODDA.

Similar to previous releases, the music video “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay” also shows several dramatic details.

Huong Giang arouses fans with curiosity especially on the ending between the best friend couple Huong Giang and Gia Han.

In the last seconds of the teaser, a secretive character appears, who is none other than the popular Thai actress Apinya Sakuljaroensuk. What will be her role in the music video “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay”?

All the questions shall be answered in the coming Huong Giang’s music video “Tang Anh Cho Co Ay”.

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