Huong Giang Releases A Ghostly MV Teaser, Leaves Netizens Curious With Benz Akkaraporn

Huong Giang is a celebrated Vietnamese transgender singer.

With her beauty, she joined the Miss International Queen in January 2018. This is an international beauty contest for transgender women, held annually in Pattaya, Thailand.

Huong Giang crowned the Miss transgender international 2018.

On March 9 of the same year, after surpassing 27 other international contestants, the singer was crowned the Miss International Queen Vietnam. Besides, she also received additional prizes for Talent Beauty and Communication Beauty.

Her beauty makes every heart melts.

In the latest update, Huong Giang is set to officially take part in the local music scene this summer.

After many days of hints, at 7 P.M on June 25, Huong Giang posted a teaser for her upcoming music video. Specifically, this teaser is pretty ghostly and gives strong impression to the audiences.

The hashtag makes many people curious.
Kind of eerie looking.
The lyrics seem to tell a love story about a girl who looks forward to her lover. 

According to the teaser’s information, the #EHMVBTA MV will be directed by Kawaii Tuan Anh, the “cool hand” director with the million viewer MV series, including #EDTACNA and #ADODDA. Besides, the name of the guest is also noticeable; who will be Benz Akkaraporn, a handsome Thai boy.

Wondering what Huong Giang has in store for us this June 27? Let’s keep our eyes closely on her!


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