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Hoang Thuy Linh’s Latest MV “Let Me Tell You” Is A Perfect Artistic Mix Of Vietnamese literary Works

How many stories from Vietnamese literary works – can you recognize when you watch the newest music video of Hoang Thuy Linh?

At 8pm on June 19 VNT, Hoang Thuy Linh officially staged her comeback to Vietnamese music industry with music video “Let Me Tell You”. The song has since then received tremendous positive feedback from the audiences. Particularly on the perspective of a musical product that contains a strong taste in the Northwestern region of Vietnam around its concept, image and melody.

Watch Hoang Thuy Linh’s “Let Me Tell You” here:

Starting with a boring lesson scene and there – Hoang Thuy Linh is dreaming …

She was in Pa Tra’s House ( Pa Tra is  bad guy).

The new MV is making fans excited to enjoy. The most special scene is when Hoang Thuy Linh skillfully mixed some Vietnamese literary works and that would really surprise its viewers!

They wear clothing of ethnic minority.

In the MV, Hoang Thuy Linh plays the role of Mi, a famous character in the story of “A Phu Husband And Wife”, which was written by To Hoai. Unlike Mi who accepts her fate resignedly and is always beaten up and mistreated by A Su, Mi in the MV of Hoang Thuy Linh is independent, strong, young, and loving, unbounded by harsh rules.

Mi is a Beautiful and strong woman in the MV.

Besides “A Phu Husband And Wife”. the MV also brings viewers to extremely familiar stories in Vietnamese literature, engraved in the memories of student generations such as “vo nhat” (picked-up wife), “Chi Pheo”, “Lao Hac” and “Tat Den”.

This is A Su who is pushing a wagon in “Vo Nhat”.

Can you recognize Thi No and Chi Pheo in this scene?

Yellow Dog and Lao Hac don’t get separated.

(In the story “Lao Hac”, because of being poor, he has no money to prepare for his funeral, so he sells his dog, even though he doesn’t want to)

This is Xuan in “So Do”

And Thuy Kieu and Thuy Van in “Truyen Kieu”.


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