Ho Quang Hieu Stages Highly Anticipated Comeback With “Nguoi Khoc Cung Anh”

On last Saturday, singer Ho Quang Hieu unveiled his newest music, titled “Nguoi Khoc Cung Anh”.

Charming Vietnamese singer Ho Quang Hieu finally marked his return to the local music scene through his latest track “Nguoi Khoc Cung Anh” (“The Person Cries With Me”) on April 10 much to the delight of his loyal followers.

Photo via FB Ho Quang Hieu

The song is reportedly composed by Tuong Quan. Furthermore, the music video also saw the appearance of Ribi Shachi, who acts as his lover. The song itself is centered on the topic of seeking for true love between two young people.

Check out Ho Quang Hieu’s new song below:

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