Ho Ngoc Ha Become A Nurse For Doctor Chiem Quoc Thai in Her Latest Music Video

Ho Ngoc Ha tells a story about people’s expect-ion as almost everyone wants to be the most beautiful version of themself.

This is the first time that Ho Ngoc Ha challenged herself as a comedy actress, with the borrowed concept from the movie “Tan Vua Hai Kich” (translated “the king of comedy”) in which she created an interesting story about her latest music video “Beauty 4.0”, released on August 15.


The background story of the music video is about the journey to seek the beauty of a girl.

First of all, this girl is very ugly. She has to face with many troubles surrounding her daily life. With the decision to get into a life-changing vehicle, the female character brings a whole process of change to achieve the best version of herself.

Ho Ngoc Ha’s latest music video seems like a reference of getting from beautiful unnaturally to ugly naturally, which also happens to be the talking point of many Vietnamese artists recently.

In order to make the music video more realistic, she invited Dr. Chiem Quoc Thai, who is a renowned cosmetic doctor, to be the guest actor in the music video.

With the eventual surgery, “Beauty 4.0” conveys of a strong aesthetic message; probably for those who don’t have a good appearance that cosmetic surgery may help change their fate.

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