Get Ready For Tet With Duc Phuc’s Latest Music Video “Trai Tim Ve Nha”

Recently, Duc Phuc just released his latest music video, titled “Trai Tim Ve Nha”.

Tet is the biggest festival in Vietnam, also known as the Lunar New Year celebrated in several other Asian countries. In fact, the next year is approaching soon within slightly more than two weeks from now.

With no doubt, the festive season is widely celebrated with music releases by local singers. To immerse Vietnamese people into the Tet spirit, Duc Phuc has gone ahead to release his latest music video titled as “Trai Tim Ve Nha” (loosely translated as “the heart to home”).

The newest song of Duc Phuc is welcomed warmly by many audiences because it expresses the realities of Vietnamese people life, including the times when they grow up, when they want to spend more time with friends, and when they rarely go home. I

At the end of the music video, the main character Duc Phuc remembers to remind the important message of how precious everyone’s family is – “Tet come, we don’t need much presents, just only one present is enough which is reunion.”

Now, let’s prepare our hearts for Tet with Duc Phuc’s “Trai Tim Ve Nha”:

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